It's not easy finding the right tire

“What does a user look for when they come to the Yokohama Tires Canada website?”. It’s a question our team broached early on in the redesign process. The original web experience didn’t function as an e-commerce platform for their products, and our redesign wouldn’t be taking on this purpose either. Speaking with our clients, we established early on that providing the user with a convenient and helpful resource for Yokohama branded tire products was the goal of this website.

With this in mind, our team sought to create an experience that would simplify the process of finding the right tire for the user, but with so many product types and attributes to be aware of, how does one even begin to find the right tire for their needs? With a little help from some hands on research, we set off to find out.

Asking the Right Questions

*Not Pictured: A very shy mechanic

As we would find out from working through consumer analytics, it became apparent that most people looking to make a tire purchase asked their mechanic for recommendations and advice. As such, we thought it a good idea to go ahead and ask them ourselves. What type of questions did customers generally ask? What are the kind of answers they were looking for? Conducting interviews with numerous mechanics, we were able to ascertain that many people tended not to ask for specifics first, but framed their questions on much broader situationally based inquiries (ie. “My tires are always wearing out real quick” or “Do you think my tires can handle the ice?”).

Also important were the questions that mechanics would pose back, making sure that their recommendations would suit the person’s car. We knew that to simplify the tire finding process, we would need to distill the main points of this back and forth and present it to the user in terms that wouldn’t alienate or confuse them, which lead us to our next task.

Organizing 79 Tire Lines

How Can We Help You?

After we had compiled enough research from our interviews and had organized the tire lines, we were finally able to start working on a streamlining a tire finding system for the site. Our team was able to distill the process into a simple 3 step process which, in broad strokes, was able to hone in on the most appropriate tire for the user’s environmental, vehicular, and situational needs. With questions that were posed in clear and simple to understand language, we were able to tailor tire results to the user, helping them find what they were looking for quickly and efficiently.

Your Results Image Showing Tire Finder Results

A Slick Launch

Winter is always coming, and when it does it brings with it a surge of consumers looking for information on the best winter tires. From the get-go, the release date for the new web experience was timed to coincide with this winter rush, and also timed to the launch of a new Yokohama winter tire: The iG52c.

To build excitement for the release of the new website and to promote this new winter tire product for the upcoming season, our team architected and built an online parallax website which would demonstrate the key features of this new product. The result was a highly visual experience which not only presented the benefits of the iG52c to consumers, but also kicked off the launch of the new design of the web experience. Truly a slick launch if there ever was one.

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