An Issue with Ambiguity

With the goal of connecting people to the healing power of plants through natural remedies and 100% natural products, Saje Natural Wellness has become one of Canada’s leading providers of essential oils and wellness products. With shops all around the country, Saje caters to a wide variety of loyal customers who see value in plant based environmentally friendly product alternatives to ailments ranging from asthma to digestion.

Having product lines such as “Every Body” and “Live Well” however, made it hard for new prospective consumers to navigate to and purchase products that would fit their individual needs. Tasked with redesigning their website and e-commerce platform, our team chose to tackle the problem of understanding how customers were looking for products by paying the Saje stores a visit.

Learning From the Store

Can you smell the citrus in the air?

Eye catching displays and the scents of fruits linger in the air as one walks around the Saje store. Within moments of entering a friendly employee asks if they can help you find what you’re looking for. The conversation that followed, as well as conversations with numerous other Saje employees and customers provided the research we used to inform how we organized and presented content on the current web experience.

We were able to learn that while many repeat customers come in to the store knowing exactly what they want, more often than not they come in asking for suggestions on products to help ease a wide variety of ailments. The product lines were developed so that similar remedies to ailments could be easily discovered, so our next step was to develop a system that would allow any user to quickly grasp which line was right for them.

So What's in 'Every Body'?

What's Bugging You?

Making sure to address the question that most people walked into the Saje store with, our team worked with the client to categorize products under the most frequently requested customer ailments. People with headaches or lack of energy would be able to easily scan through these ailments and be presented with a curated list of remedies that could help. The homepage presents a number of these ailments alongside popular product remedies and a testimonial snippet as well, giving users another option to find a remedy to alleviate what’s bugging them.

Playing Favorites with Ingredients

One thing we also realised early on is that people who shop with Saje tended to have preferences for certain ingredients. Be it chamomile or peppermint, customers tended to gravitate towards products that had a scent they were comfortable and familiar with. Taking this into account we added the functionality for users to search by ingredients, to make sure they could stock up on all things rosemary if they so wished.

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